I am a New York based artist.

I studied fine art at National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan and received my MFA in Illustration at the school of Visual Arts in New York in 1992. From 1988 to 2008 I worked primarily as a children’s book illustrator.

In 2008, I began to pursue my love of painting again, developing a series of paintings as well as 3D projects based on a recurring character from my sketchbook.

It’s been ten full years since I started creating paintings with a bunny named nini in them.

Earlier on, people kept asking me why bunnies and I kept giving them answers. Now in retrospect, this accidental intruder in my life has transformed into something that leads me on for an extra mile. It has more or less become my keeper on the road of exploration. And the once strong and repeated explanations are now impalpable and remote! A lot of my viewers have projected their own life experiences into my works, a vivid reflection of their life and on-the-spot emotions.

My audience, old and new, has unwittingly become partners of my work.


Education and experience:

1959   born in Taiwan, Taipei
1982   graduated from National Taiwan Normal University
1992   graduated from School of Visual Arts, MFA in Illustration
1988   started working as a children’s books illustrator till 2008
2005   invited by Heryin Publisher in Taiwan to give two lectures
2006   invited by Central Academy of Fine Arts, City Design School in Beijing, China to do a one week workshop and lectures             
2006   invited by SCBWI Taiwan Chapter to give a lecture at Eslite Bookstore in Taiwan
2007   invited by National Taiwan Taitung University, Children’s literature graduate school to give two lectures on children’s books
2007   invited by SCBWI, Taiwan Chapter to give a lecture in Taiwan
2007   invited by Central Academy of Fine Arts, City Design School in Beijing, China to teach a 4 weeks classes on visual essays